Disable band snap function, please?

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I can't believe that no one has ever logged a feedback over this. I am about to go psychotic, that every time I try to adjust the position of a band near a piece of the backbone (but not on it), the band automatically snaps to the nearest segment. It makes it f*****g impossible to set a band in space when I want to only *slightly* change the position of a few segments of backbone.

Please, please, please offer an option to disable the snap-to-backbone function of bands.

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This was recently fixed - you hold down Alt while stretching the band, and it will not snap to the protein.

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Ah, the FoldIt gods have heard my cry, and have smiled down upon me.

It's true! Holding the ALT key while you hold the shift key and the left mouse button (or the ALT key and the center mouse key) lets you place a band wherever you want, without the snap function bullying you.

[And the peasants rejoiced!]

Case closed. Thank you, Susume.


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