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Case number:845813-994246
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Opened by:auntdeen
Opened on:Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 05:25
Last modified:Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 21:10

In a discussion in global this evening about the problems with GUI recipes, we were able to identify another bug.

When trying to run a previously created GUI recipe, many of them (if not all) have been corrupted by the new slider. For example, instead of shaking at .10 as written, the protein will shake at .000156 instead - rendering the recipe pretty much useless. Something written to shake at .20 will shake at .000223 instead. .50 will shake at .066191.

Also, to be clear about the GUI problems, if you simply click on the notepad for a GUI recipe, the client will crash. That's in addition to crashing when trying to create one.

So there is no way to either write a GUI, or modify one - and all or most are corrupted in low shake ci.

Hoping that the reversion to the slider will fix these problems (since they occurred when the new one was introduced).

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I figured out

why the GUI recipes will not run at the lower than 1.0 clashing they were written for...

The software runs the GUI recipes not at numeric values, but at positions on the sliders. The positions for the numbers have changed, so...

I still have old clients in my computer, and was able to open one to verify this. While I was at it, I converted a Blue Fuse that I've shared in public scripts, so that everyone has one small shortcut to use in 665 until the client is fixed.

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The CI is being reverted to the previous version. That will be in the devprev we push on Monday so this will sort it out.

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The devprev out right now should not have this issue. Let us know if you still see it with devprev. Thanks

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Using devprev of Jan. 7 in Win7, the clashing importance in a GUI script still does not match the clashing importance actually set by the game when running the script, although it is closer than it was with the log slider. .1 in the recipe yields .07 when running, .2 yields .19, .8 yields .84, etc. This is true of GUI scripts written months ago, and new lines of code added today using the CI slider inside the GUI recipe editor.

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As auntdeen found, the CI from GUI scripts is set to exactly the value you have it on the slider. So it may just show 0.8 but it could be anywhere from 0.75 to 0.8499...

You're seeing the difference because the GUI script editor CI slider only shows you one decimal point and the regular CI slider shows you two.

I'll increase the displayed precision on the GUI CI Slider so you can see exactly what value you're actually setting.

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This will go out in the next devprev


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