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665: Solo Hand-Folding Diversification Puzzle
Status: Closed


1Anthropic Dreams10,331100
3Russian team10,28075
4L'Alliance Francophone10,27064
5Void Crushers10,26355
7Go Science10,21540
10Team Hungary10,09023
12Beta Folders10,00416
14Team Germany9,97410
15Natural Abilities9,8988
16Another Hour Another Point9,8597
20Freedom Folders9,6932
21E?????! Heureka!9,6782
22DNA Masters9,6452
23Czech National Team9,6391
24Mojo Risin'9,5921
25Friday Lab9,5831

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some additional comments by jflat in the chat

Our theory with this puzzle is that sharing and scripting lead to convergence early, before people try to actually give the puzzle a try themselves
so the idea is to delay the scripts and sharing a bit so that people will each get their own reasonable solution, which they can then run scripts and share with their groups
we left GUI scripts open so that simple things like the shake/wiggle combo wouldn't have to be manually done every time
gui bug : it looks like that has been fixed in the upcoming devprev release, though . we're having a few issues with the devprev release, but that should go out fairly soon
the starting structure starts out at around .6 GDT from the native (1.0 means it matches the native perfectly) so there is quite a bit of room for improvement

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The title of the puzzle is confusing

It is not a real exploration puzzle, there is no contact map.

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I'll change the title to diversification instead

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Send an email when Foldit is working as USUAL, not crippled

Whoever thinks forcing users to participate in an experiment that is broken from the start, is not worthy. Please, end this disaster ASAP and let the users have fun again. Please.

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nobody force you to play all the puzzles

There are now 2 ED, 2 QTTn, 1 design, some contests, I think you can have fun seeing your computer running.
You can also run boinc with rosetta.
Bug are irritating and list of feedback is very very long but this is not a disaster to play a puzzle without recipe.

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Preferences are what we are talking about

I prefer to use Fold It in the puzzles that are 'vanilla' for lack of a better word, or like the CASP sytle. I do not prefer to participate in the ED/QTTN/Design puzzles. So, I asked for something I prefer.

I am not familiar with "boinc with rosetta."

Thanks for your input.

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This puzzle is about as

This puzzle is about as "regular" as you can get, back to the roots of Foldit.

Hand folding to get the best score, no gimmicks.

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GUI Script crash

The fix should go out on Monday to devprev and then we will push it out to main as soon as possible.

We would like to encourage hand folding as much as possible so we're leaving the puzzle up in the mean time.

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maybe we need better script environment, not more hand folding?

So here's how I understand the reason for this puzzle: fold.it is all about the power of hand folding and the importance of human insight, and the users are just all running the same scripts and converging on the same solutions without doing any hand folding, so we're not getting good results and need to be forced to hand fold.

OK, that's one theory, and I agree that the greatest potential of fold.it is about applying human insight and crowd sourcing the folding problem. Personally, though, I believe that applying human insight to the scripts is more important than hand folding, and there is room for dramatic improvement to the script environment, simply by adding a batch mode. That alone would enable a level of automation and analysis that simply isn't feasible today. And yes, I believe it would lead to dramatically improved results.

There's no way to know if the scripts can get good enough to always do better than hand folding. I do know the majority of my wins were without hand folding but none without scripts. Who knows, there was a time not that long ago when most of us would have said that a computer would never beat a grand master at chess.

I'm sure there will always be a need for the excellent GUI, not only for hand folding but for visualization, but can we please get batch mode at least on the list of things to add?

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It is fun!

Maybe we need a puzzle like this from time to time.
It is fun. Though it takes too much time.

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Thanks for this puzzle,

Thanks for this puzzle, coming back to the basics is sometimes really useful =)

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Purpose and execution don't match

Going back to basics is indeed a better title. This puzzle is about going back to earlier versions and not about hand folding. Hand folding is crippled. Many instruments for what I consider to be hand folding are disabled: recipes to gather information about the solution, to set bands to a good length for sheets, to simply set CI using your preferred scale (I know at this moment you can actually choose between linear in devprev and logarithmic in main). Yet GUI scripts that can do nothing but dumb successions of rebuilding, wiggling and shaking are endorsed.

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