Foldit refuses to work on Gentoo Linux

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I became addicted to the Windows version of Foldit a few years ago (though I never really got very good at it), but unfortunately my folding has fallen by the wayside due to a combination of a cross-country move, mammoth academic workload, and switching my operating system over to Gentoo Linux. I finally downloaded the Linux version of the Foldit software today, but can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to work. I unpacked the files into my home folder as per the install instructions in the FAQ and the wiki (though emerging it from Portage would have been a bit easier--maybe a Portage package would be something for the devs to work on?) and tried to run "./Foldit" (sans quotes) from the Foldit directory, but to no avail. Running "./Foldit" gives the error "-bash: ./Foldit: cannot execute binary file", and clicking on the icon for the executable file in the directory simply doesn't do anything. I've heard there was a missing library or something that needed to be installed, but when I installed libglut3 as many of the posts I've seen on this topic suggested, it didn't change a thing, even though I installed it into the Foldit directory. (Or maybe that might be part of my problem? Should I have installed that in another directory?) Is there anything I'm missing here that would be blatantly obvious to the veteran Linux user, but a newbie like me (I've barely had Gentoo running for 6 months) wouldn't think of? If somebody knows how to resolve this so I can get back into folding, please let me know. Thanks!

(My apologies if this ends up being a duplicate post...I tried posting it a few hours ago, but it didn't look like it went through.)

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The linux binary is for 64-bits systems only (maybe that's your problem?), but the win version works perfectly on wine though.

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Ohhhhh...I see. I was under the impression I was running a 64-bit system, but now when I go back and look at the installation docs I see it's a 32-bit. Oops. I don't suppose there's an older version of the Foldit Linux binary that supports 32-bit, or is Wine my only option? Either way, thanks for the clarification.

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UPDATE: I did a search of the feedback/forums, and quickly ascertained that the 32-bit version of Foldit for Linux is no more. I installed Wine, downloaded the Windows version of Foldit, and installed that through Wine. It worked like a dream for about 30 seconds, then crashed when I was halfway through typing my username. Tried it again through Wine, same result. Tried through the application shortcut that appeared in my applications menu, got the infamous "The game has previously not started up properly. If this problem persists, please install the latest version." warning, crashed about halfway through typing my password, tried again, actually got it to work for a reasonable amount of time with periodic crashing, and now it just crashes whenever I log in. How do I fix the warning and actually get it to work consistently and for longer than 10 minutes?

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Could you post your log.txt? It should be in the same folder where you installed Foldit.


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