In-game account creation and some passwords typing is impossible with french keyboard...

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Opened on:Saturday, December 29, 2012 - 13:22
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A new account creation is impossible from in-game UI : the user e-mail address can't be entered because the '@' character can't be typed in from a french keyboard ('ALT-GR' + '0') !?

Worse, if the user password contain some password-secure characters like '~', '#', '{', '[', '|', '\', '^', '@', ']', '}', and more generally all characters that require an 'ALT-GR' combination on a french keyboard, then he would be unable to login when launching the foldit app !!

The same bug arise in all in-game textfields (french accented characters aren't available too..)

REMARK : As a professionnal developper, I think this is very poor programming for an application that pretend to have a worlwide scattering ... :-(

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I'll look into this. Can you let us know what operating system you are running Foldit on? Also, with your keyboard if you press Ctrl+Alt+(somekey) does it produce the same results as AltGr+(somekey)?

As a workaround, you can copy/paste into Foldit text fields.

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My laptop has a French keyboard and I have no problems at all either logging in or using the tools in the game.

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Same here. My laptop has turkish-Q keyboard layout. alt-gr assited characters like > £ # $ ½ { [ ] } \ | can not be typed in game's username or password fields. I didn't in-game fields but i'm guessing they are the same.
My system is windows 8 single language,64-bit operating system, X64 based processor.

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See discussion in:

(on many characters not available in basic editor and chat and password<:b>) btw, I can whrite here only from azerty-BE-FR @ with a mac.


Note that FR characters are available via scripts codes, see in the code of Ebola Rebuild recipe.

The discussion is also related with these ones:

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