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Opened on:Friday, December 28, 2012 - 03:39
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' This is me ' and the second comment won't get you very far in this community, in fact it is very possible that your entire nick might be banned from Foldit entirely once the Devs see your logged IRC statements and your present terminology in this feedback comment. Your best bet to remain within the community with YOUR PRESENT nick is to apologize perfusely and pray for the best outcome. Nuff said, I am out of here, least I be somehow contaminated by your predicament. Bye Bye.

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I deleted the comment.

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I kicked/banned from Levels after this conversation:

NOVAman343 wtf !!!!!!
NOVAman343 <:|
auntdeen2 NOVAman343: the next kick from anywhere is a 24 hour ban
auntdeen2 we really don't like to do that - so please chill
NOVAman343 k
NOVAman343 sry
NOVAman343 is there any way i can shout ?
MikeCassidyToo No
NOVAman343 : |
NOVAman343 balls
MikeCassidyToo Bye

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For me to remove my ban from Levels I would need to read an apology from you.

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Precious time lost reading this => closed


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