Don't delete bands by click near end

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On bands, there is someplace near the end of the band that you can click and it will delete the band. Does anyone actually use this? It is really annoying because I *never* want to delete a band this way. If I want to delete a band, I'll right click on it and remove it using the menu.

I know I can click Ctrl+Z to get the band back if I accidentally delete it this way, but in a QTTN puzzle I have to do this maybe 25 times in one puzzle.

If anyone actually does use this (I think unlikely), can it be made an option on whether it works or not.

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I use it all the time. Makes me crazy when I have to click more than once to get rid of a band. The click zone for removal is anywhere on the band except the ball. The flange behind the ball is part of the remove zone (making it very difficult to grab and move a band by the head if you happen to be looking at it from the back). Clicking the ball itself causes the ball to recenter on the spot where you clicked (useful for fine tuning bands in space if you know about it, annoying if you don't). I'd be fine with an option to disable the one-click removal feature, but I wouldn't want it taken out of the game.


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