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I have a conjecture:

Our metabolic system is stabilizing itself through more complex inner substances such as the extremely-potent psychedelic, DMT: being born from a womb is not necessary to adaptation. I personally think change is the most universal concept, according to my limited semantic capabilities, not bound by the discrete system of dimensions.

The "insane" are the best adapters of reality: the smartest minds gather to observe the strangest cases, and the smartest minds adapt reality in a more profound way: so-called unstable people are loci to the "universal" concept of change.

I am glad for any responses, please send them here:


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This is not a feedback, it would (possibly) be more suited to the forum.

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Truly intelligent people do not need fancy words to get a message across.

This is not a game suggestion, This is not the place to promote your views on the world.

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I have undergone semantic shift. I have accepted that dimensions only fit in a discrete system. Calling me a case study would only be a compliment: if one studied me, the world would never be the same.


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