Foldit functions on wiki not updated

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Opened on:Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 00:38
Last modified:Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 03:44

hi the wiki page for foldit functions says: "Note: This page is automatically generated. Any modifications to the page will be wiped out the next time that it is generated. Instead, click the 'details' link and add comments there." the page was updated by tlaloc's bot and well... it could be fun (and practical) if such a bot was back online.

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You would have to ask tlaloc, we don't have his script.

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Links form page are to "normal" pages that can be edited and updated.

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Tlaloc's bot is not the point I think, the problem being that I don't have access to foldit source code from which this page was generated (and won't ever have). As an example: I updated the page to add structure.CanMutate() but I could have written cr*p. Who knows? Some reasons prevented me to play foldit during some months, if new functions were added within this period I simply have no idea about it. I really think that page is way too important to be updated by anyone but the devs.

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I think you'll find that autogenerated page is just takes each line of output the Lua help() function and plugs it into a template. He must have his own list of description and old function name on the side, or maybe he parses the existing page for those strings.

Presumably tlaloc will update it some time after the function goes into the main client. But anybody can remake this simple script.

boolean structure.CanMutate(integer segmentIndex, string aminoAcid)

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Oh lol. I didn't know about that help function, thanks! Now I'm not sure if this case is really closed as I still think that page shouldn't be updated by players ; it has to be the more accurate possible. But thanks again for the tip.

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and still the wiki is not up to date. I do not find very practical to be obliged to type help() within a script to know the Lua2 functions. May I edit this page if we are sure it will not be erased?

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Are you aware of this overview of Foldit's LUA functions?

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And who maintains that spreadsheet?

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Okay, I have some ideas about this. If you can wait until the weekend, I might be able to provide a useful solution for this. But I'm overloaded at work so it will have to wait until Saturday. Maybe I might get something done tonight though.

I think we should just go ahead and edit the page one function at a time.

jflat or tamirh linked the spreadsheet. That spreadsheet comes right out of the source code. BUT it just contains function stubs...some of those don't do anything. Those shouldn't go on the wiki.

Tlaloc said the Lua tweak functions were the next thing to get done, but he ran out of time. I'm sure nobody at foldit has been silently finishing tools. So those shouldn't go on the wiki.

Wiggle and shake accuracy might go in for historical reasons, but currently they do nothing. Nobody really understood how they worked anyways, so I don't think they should go in to the wiki until they are reactivated.

I remember marking a few functions as disabled anonymously, maybe it was those. It's a small change and I wouldn't have minded if it got overwritten.

Since not all the functions actually do anything, I discourage automatic regeneration of the page from either the spreadsheet or help().

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Ugggh, I forgot that there's no way to get at the output from help(). I wanted to make something that looped over the tables to always get the most current command list. You can do that, but you can't do much else.

Instead I hard-coded the function list into a recipe: . It may be more convenient than going to the wiki. There's no details but it'll be good for looking up function names and arguments.


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