doesn't open.

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I no longer have access to as it refuses to open after the last update.
I am using an iMac with intel dual core processor 2.4 GHz with 4GB Ram and OS X 10.5.8
When I try to open the programme nothing happens and no error message appears.
I tried reinstalling the file and on completion it loads the update and just does absolutely nothing after the download window closes. So I am still unable to open it.
Can someone please help me as latest update has stopped my protein folding which I was really enjoying.

Here's the log.text which says "Can't open options file options.txt." I don't know what this means.
Can someone please help??????

args passed:
Can't open options file options.txt. (/Users/jflat06/foldit/mini-interactive-main/rosetta_source/xcode/../src/interactive/application/
core.init: Mini-Rosetta version 49434M from
core.init: command: /Users/malcolm/Downloads/ -database cmp-database-f8e2849dd8fb7589266fa139195d64af/rosetta_database -resources cmp-resources-1b38a6973c80aef2c033b845c0465b0d/resources -interactive_game novice -boinc_url
core.init: 'RNG device' seed mode, using '/dev/urandom', seed=501598014 seed_offset=0 real_seed=501598014
core.init.random: RandomGenerator:init: Normal mode, seed=501598014 RG_type=mt19937
starting the init thread!..
boinc base url:
checking updates...
local: 'aec90e9464e1880db1a66e7baca7c585'
remote: '214ef62a78b8494a860799e510e24eb0'
local: 'f8e2849dd8fb7589266fa139195d64af'
remote: 'f8e2849dd8fb7589266fa139195d64af'
local: '1b38a6973c80aef2c033b845c0465b0d'
remote: '2f1235b9563201ec9fe71d3ae352c9bf'
cleaning up downloads:

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