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Beginner Puzzle: Killer Toxin
Status: Closed


101Incongruous 73  9,6033
102kikica 73  9,5993
103versat82 73 Piratenpartei Deutschland9,5953
104micheldeweerd 72 foldeRNA9,5923
105phi16 9 Anthropic Dreams9,5913
106SKSbell 73  9,5873
107Mirithenes 73  9,5803
108unravelingthread 73  9,5773
109evilgrinners 73  9,5713
110sjoerdouwe 73  9,5673
111ZiiONIC 73 Anthropic Dreams9,5673
112AIDA64 73  9,5663
113rsosborne 73 foldeRNA9,5652
114larry25427 73  9,5642
115Antibrad 73  9,5612
116flyflipper102 73  9,5522
117harp 73 Anthropic Dreams9,5502
118KingLear 73  9,5482
119pvc78 73 Beta Folders9,5422
120Cagdason 73 GENE 4339,5412
121matosfran 73  9,5412
122montadar 73 Gargleblasters9,5392
123Valacar13 73  9,5382
124haabermaaster 73 FoldIt@Netherlands9,5352
125jdretired 73  9,5332

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newbe quible

The puzzle is new to me. I have only been playing for a couple of months, and find myself in a situation where there are only 10 points available for the 2 beginner puzzles that I am eligible to play.

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Global points

Since you now have more than 150 global points, you are no longer eligible to start any of the (<15) or (<150) puzzles.

This puzzle, however, is open to all players regardless of global points score--so grats for ranking as highly as you have.

In order to play more puzzles (Evolvers) you need to join a Group. Take your time, look over the Group pages and see if there are any you would like to join. Use the messages link from your foldit page to communicate with the ones that interest you and ask questions. Good luck!

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