Still hard to tell which alignment you are working on

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This has been mentioned in passing but as far as I can tell never in its own feedback. If you switch to a new alignment by threading rather than by resetting the puzzle, the tab window continues to show the last alignment that was reset to, not the the one you are now working on. If you change to another track and back, or close and reopen the client, the alignment window itself will also go back to the last alignment you reset to, not the one you threaded to.

If a teammate asks what alignment you used, if you got there by threading, there is no way to know the answer. If you want to switch to one you haven't tried, and you got there by threading, there's no record of which one you're on.

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The "Show Alignment" tool is pretty much useless right now.

When I move templates back and forth from reserve the names, templates, check boxes and "move template to reserve" arrows are sometimes displayed, sometimes not and sometimes incorrectly. Clicking the spots where they should be located may perform an action, or occasionally kill the client (just happened as I was playing with it).

Using these latest DevPrev updates (Win32 and Win64), I wouldn't fool with the alignment tool at all--stick with using "Reset Puzzle".

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what about multiple alignment threading?


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