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NewB doing tutorials.
At level 5-2 Movin' Along.
How do I access the Move Tool?
I've watched the video. When I click on a piece of protein I get the Tweak tool, not the Move Tool.
Thanks for reading.

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Move toll

You have to click with the left button of your mouse not the right.
Then right click (CTRL click on mac) on the middle of the purple cross to move the helix.

For the tutorial puzzles :
1 - read carefully the instructions
"Sometimes you can MOVE whole pieces of the protein. Click on a piece to bring up the MOVE tool. Then press and hold down RIGHT BUTTON (CTRL on Mac) anywhere on the tool to drag the piece around. You can't pull on the backbone of this puzzle." It is clear that you have to click as usual so left click.
2 - experiment
Don't search the solution in a video but with your fingers on the mouse and your brain.
3 - dont overthink
4 - reset and redo

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For more tutorial help:

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