Disable spam filter when links point to fold.it domain

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hi, i find it a bit annoying to have always that captcha thing when i post a link to a recipe. could the filter be disabled when urls point to fold.it? thanks.

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I find it annoying to almost always have that captcha thing when I post a comment, without any link, while being logged on.

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The spam filter seems very inconsistent. I tried to add an html table containing a list of recipes in my group's forum. The spam filter flat-out rejected the long version with 59 recipes. It sometimes seems to offer to accept a one-line version. The only possible "spam" is a link to the recipe's page on the foldit site.

I had similar problems trying to post an html-formatted list of recipes with no table and no links. I eventually worked around it by trying "preview" again and again until the posting was accepted. (Then I somehow ended up double-posting....)

It seems to me that the filter is mostly hindering the social interaction that's supposed to be a key part of the game....

And of course the spam filter forced a captcha when I tried posting this....

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Apparently just a plain html table is considered offensive. Maybe the word "hyperlink" is not for younger or more sensitive viewers. See spam_filter.png.

After a couple of attempts, it seems like the spam filter will reject the posting no matter what. See spam_filter_02.png and spam_filter_03.png.

Finally, a fresh post was accepted, or generated just a captcha challenge. See spam_filter_04.png. I'm worried about a changing party line, however.


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