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Where are the tutorials? I've searched the site and find links to games,but not the tutorials. Also,why must one download files? Is the site not web-enabled?

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The tutorials are in the game. You download the foldit client and then go through the tutorials first and then the science puzzles.

I'm not sure what files you're referring to. If it's the game client download, you have to download it because the code behind foldit (rosetta) only supports certain platforms. Windows, OSX, and Linux are among them, there hasn't been any work done to create an entirely web based version of rosetta/foldit.

I don't know what you mean by the site not being web-enabled. When you play the game you connect to the foldit servers. The scores/puzzles you see on the website are the same ones you will see in the game.

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Changing STructure seems buggy; it solves without tweaking more consistently than when you tweak.

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not for me, flipping the sheet to the left make a perfect barrel.

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