Loading solution with penalty, penalty gone score went up 652

Case number:954892-993920
Topic:Developer Preview
Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 00:52
Last modified:Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 09:23

Loaded the saved file 10792 (shared with myself) and the penalty was gone.
I wonder if this is correct.

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I've been noticing on multiple folder clients a similar penality, so far seen only when running TVDL on 652. I imagine it could be accidently saved and brought back up on reload. So far disappears rather quickly

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Hanto, the penalty disappeared by simply loading the file in devprev. When loading the same one in main it stayed.

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I might add tho, that this penality was before the latest devprev update and so far have not yet run TVDL since the update.

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Just noticed, still getting penality after devprev update on 652 using a different recipe, GAB in this case. Again it disappears quickly.

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If the penalty was on the dependent subunit (the mirrored segments) then yes, this is correct. Those were not supposed to be there. That's what the recent change to devprev fixed.

We will push the fix out to main today (barring any bugs) so that everyone is on the same footing for when the puzzle ends.

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