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Great "game"! Nice GUI!

I tend to get lost with the gray outline for the shape I'm aiming at. Is there a way to put a stickpin or a flag to mark a landmark / starting point? Even if I could get a hydro to just stay stuck out, maybe, you know, like they do when you roll over the corresponding one on the protein?

Also, I find it easier sometimes to separate the colored one from the gray one, rather than have them coincide. It is easier to see the desired shape, and bend the other one to match. But the rotation gets tricky... could you develop a split screen so that each would rotate in it's own window, without changing 'distance' from the viewer.

It helped me a lot to start day 2 from the very beginning. You might encourage newbs to repeat levels to beat our own high scores, as a way to get us to practice instead of overwhelming the moderators.

Thanks. This is awesome.

Ken a.k.a. k2d2 ;

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