Line Number in Lua Environment

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I know from scripting when you type something up and it has a lot of lines, its nice to know that when you get an error on say line 653, that you can find line 653. i know adding line numbers should be pretty easy, and that it will greatly help out all the scripters who are trying to find errors in their code. I know this is probably very low on your priority list, but it would be nice, thanks :)

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Moreover,it would be nice if, when we export the text of a recipe to blocnotes or word,
the line numbers could be the same as in the error messages given to stdout window.
This is totally confusing because it's not the case

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Current workaround is to use external editor like n++ and copy/paste script to in-game editor.

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make sure you don't have options like "wrap lines" on. the line number in stdout is always right. but as rav3n already stated, notepad and word are not suited for editing code, notepad++ (n++) is.


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