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Case number:845829-993904
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Opened on:Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 17:41
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I just had this problem with 652 where when i was in the process of wiggling with about 60 bands and had not mutated any of the segs yet all of a sudden it just crashed. looked into log file and these are what came up. I'll upload entire log file in case you need more.

Error: No residues found. Skipping ResidueIE bonus filter calculation.
core.chemical.ResidueType: atom name : CA not available in residue XXX
core.chemical.ResidueType: ORIG
core.chemical.ResidueType: X
core.chemical.ResidueType: Y

ERROR: unknown atom_name: XXX CA
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\rosetta_source\src\core\chemical\ResidueType.cc line: 1692
ERROR: Rosetta exit unexpectedly

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Please do upload the entire log file. I've seen this issue once before but couldn't reproduce it myself. Do you have a solution file where it will crash like this every time?

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No this only happened on that one time; tried to reproduce it again, but i couldn't. i was in the process of banding and wiggling though, sounds like that happened with raven as well. just a warning my log file on this one is gigantic. and it took me close to a minute just to open the entire thing. uploading is taking quite a while as well(my guess is the current stress on server). i cannot upload my log file, its 111mb long just realized that >.< I'll cut out a lot of it if you want?

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Log file is created every start of client, so if you have run it again after crash there will be no trace of crash in current log.
Also if you running more than 1 client at once log is totally messed up :)

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I saved my log file after it happened just in case and still have it. i just can't upload it as its 111mb long :(


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