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As i can understand why you don't want links in the fold it client to redirect to other websites besides fold it. Sometimes the link might be so long you can't fit it into the little chat box, or type it out without taking 5 minutes, or while other times having a conversation in the client on something that pertains to folding proteins, you would like to send a link to your group or global chat so that others can read if they choose to. Now, all that needs to be done is make those links work but redirect them to a warning page on the FoldIt website first that reads something like, "you are about to go to a website that is not endorsed, supported or affiliated with fold it. we are not responsible if this link does x,y,z. do you still wish to continue?" Then create a blacklist of websites that are harmful, or import one from a trusted source, now even with working links you aren't liable for it and its relatively safe. Yes i know about, but thats still more work then needed to convey a link.

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Links to wiki and site are fully working.
Dialog about follow other links can be useful.

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I know about the links to fold it site and wiki working, but there's so much more out there information wise that can't be obtained from this website. On a side note, hat was a little densely packed up there, sorry :)

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Links work in IRC clients, it is easy to download and set up. It is then up to the IRC user to decide if the link is reputable before they click.

Unfortunately clickjacking is alive and well and I support the foldit decision to only activate foldit based links. There have been quite a few earlier posts on this subject: what was finally decided URLbot URLbot

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Puzzle title is a link

Slightly OT, but ... If you click on the title of the puzzle right under the score it takes you to the puzzle page on the foldit site. Am I the only folder who didn't know this?


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