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I have a 32 bit pc and a 64 bit pc. Can't copy all.macro files. Shouldn't have to anyway. As a player, I find the problem of importing scripts to the first client opened extremely frustrating. The idea that a player ever needs to enter file folders manually for any reason is an embarrassment. I know there are circumstances that need to be considered including security, but this is a world of clever workarounds. A workaround for this problem is very possible. We could really use the convenience of importing a script to the client of our choice. I can import a shared protein to a client of my choice, so clearly it can be done. Thanks again.

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It is possible, you need share "to yourself" recipes you want to use on another machine then load them from site.

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As we have a button to reconnect when we have been disconnected,would it be possible to have a button to disconnect
voluntarily without killing the client.Then we could be in a position to reconnect from any client where we
intend to load a recipe.In any case i agree that there is a problem and that existing soltions are not

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Not tried, but if we use "reconnect" button on second client, 1st client is not disconnected automagically?

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No. You must close the active IRC connection first and then "reconnect" on the client you want. The active client could be on a different computer in a different location too.

I remember a global chat conversation where someone said it was possible to use an IRC client (like IceChat) command to terminate the active IRC connection, then "reconnect" to the desired client. I don't recall the command though.

But yes, it would be nice if the "reconnect" button disconnected whichever IRC connection was active and then connected the client that clicked the button.

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I think what you're referring to is the ghost command. You would enter it like this:

/msg NickServ GHOST [username] [password]

That [password] being your IRC password, so the key from

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tamirh, it is possible to add ghost command to "rejoin" button like I posted earlier?
It would make few (at least) ppl happier :)

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no,there is no effect if you try to reconnect on some client when another is connected

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I'm sorry Rav3n, but sharing to oneself does not allow you to import script to the client of your choice. It will import to the first client opened, always. If you close a client that is running after the import (which defeats the purpose). If the closed client is on the same Pc as the first client opened. If the client is then reopened, many times, but not all the time, the new script will show up on that reopened client.

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I have been looking at the contents of Foldit's all.macro file (a text file readable with Notepad or WordPad) and have some questions about it:

(1) What do mrid and share_scope stand for? mid gives the address on the site, like for mid=34425. What does mrid do?

(2) What determines the 23309 in strings like "_recipe_23309" ? This number is different in different all.macro files for the exact same recipe. Does it really matter what value this number has?

(3) What determines the string after "verify:" at the end of the all.macro file? If I change this string, will it affect performance?

(4) Has anyone made a tool to consolidate their all.macro files from different Foldit installs? Does anyone understand the syntax of the all.macro file? If you do, please e-mail me or post details somewhere on the Foldit site about it.



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