Let Foldit zoom like in Internet Explorer 8

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It would be nice if Foldit had a feature like in the lower right corner of Internet Explorer 8 (see attached image below) that let you change the size of the entire Foldit display so its text and graphics would all get rescaled by the same amount. I tried running Foldit on a computer with a 7.75x4.5 inch screen the other day and found it hard to reach the Menu button on the bottom right of the Foldit display. I ended up using keyboard shortcuts to save things.


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unfortunately a lot of the UI would have to be rewritten to make this happen so it's a low priority.

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One idea that would help the Original Interface work better on small screens would be to move the "Social" menu to the far right, making the new order of menus from left to right be "Actions", "Undo", "Modes", "Behavior", "View", "Menu", and then "Social".


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