About Foldit files and directories.

Case number:671071-993713
Topic:Game: Other
Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 19:22
Last modified:Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 19:22

I propose several changes to the naming of files and the directory structure of Foldit.
1. I would like to see a separate log directory, now logfiles are not easy to find because a lot of things are put in the main directory.
2. The main logfile of Foldit should be client specific, now when running multiple clients and one crashes it is very hard to find the lines that would help debugging. If done, provisions should be made to remove gamelogs older than one month or so.
3. The default scriptlog file should be puzzle specific so when running multiple clients it is not longer needed to allways make a new track for a puzzle. (I need those files to see how far a script has gone when my PC freezes and I have to make a restart). For other tracks it is not needed to have a puzzle specific scriptlog file.
4. At startup of a game a lot of files are allways recreated of the type .ir_puzzle.
Those files should be put in a separate directory. And I think startup would get faster (it is very slow) if those files are only updated when needed, maybe use a last update timestamp or file. Also there are a lot of puzzle specific files in the main directory, these files could be put also there or in the directory of the puzzle itself.
5. Local save files should be put in a separate directory (local.saves?) next to the track directories. This makes moving these files across machines possible without having to use the server. Also it would be nice if the name of those files reflect the name given.
Maybe this would also speed up things.
6. If done an automatic cleanup script for the main directory should be run to move all the existing files to appropriate directories.
Goal of this all is to make life easier for people with multiple machine or running multiple clients.
Script writers can benefit because scriptlogfiles are easier to find so analysing results is easier.
Finding the cause of crashes would get easier if the game logfile is on a client base.
And possibly there are some speed gains for startup.
Also files will be much easier to find if the main directory is cleaned up.

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