Network Hopping Causing Crash - repeatable

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I'll just walk through what i do:

-At home while I'm still opening and running Foldit(connected to internet) i close my laptop and put it to sleep.

-While closed i leave house and take it to school and open it up. at this point it notices its not connected to the internet and i click the buttons to reconnect Foldit to the internet.

-After reconnecting everything works fine, chat works fine even the hat is green, everything looks good. As soon as i click on the open/share solutions my game crashes.

-Once logged back in it connects perfectly fine and solutions load okay with no problem.

-This has happened everyday i do that. The only issue i have is that there's nothing useful in my log file because it switched tracks once it logged back in. (this could have been the problem with my earlier bug, might be unrelated, i don't know)

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i'll look into this. thanks

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It seems whenever i switch IP addresses while fold it is still running seems to mess with it.

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I recommend to make manual save, share to yourself and close Fodlit client b4 trip... :)

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I don't lose the solution i was working on :) and i usually do make a save of it anyway

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My problem is linked may be.

When laptop disconnected from network (going on a day to other place with no WiFi available), everything works correct UNLESS I do anything that tries to connect to the network (e.g. open/share solution). The client then stops responding indefinitely.

No way to stop the misleading action (I would have done only "save"): obliged to stop the client and work off line (definitively loosing my soloist score).

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I'm much with Rav on this one as that method is the only true method of being able to switch IPs. However if the Devs do decide to make this work, there will be no reason not to incorporate both Disconnect and Reconnect buttons on the client interface so we can more easily share our solutions as images to #global from clients that are not IRC active clients. One must remember tho, that ANY interference/interruption to a IP connection will most likely create a frozen or crashed client.
I'm more leery of the added complexity to the client that this fix might create, however we won't know until it is tried.

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I've been traveling and I've been seeing this a lot with the hotel WiFi. Turning off wireless, or leaving wireless on but the hotel wifi authorization expires, has better than even odds of crashing Foldit, though not right away. The disconnect-to-fold-offline trick therefore is too risky to attempt. Mac Devprev.


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