Wiggle Gets Stuck (almost) on explosions(?)

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Opened on:Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 22:50
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I'm having a miserable time making a barrel in puzzle 638. I've uploaded a solution called ExplosionWiggleDies...it seems the step size is dropping to a very low number. Letting it run normally causes a series of pauses. Stopping during a pause immediately unfreezes the wiggle.

In this save, it starts at -21k and wiggles up to -9933, waits for ~ 10 seconds, then jumps to 491, waits for 50 seconds before jumping to 5k.

This is probably the same issue that makes wiggle get "stuck" after using strength 10 bands, even if the bands are disabled. It may be the same as other reported instances of wiggle being stuck.

I'm using the main client.

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I see similar things when I close cut points and have massive negative backbones score.
Global wiggle not doing anything, or make jumps like that.
Local wiggles on red areas help unstuck global wiggle.


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