Let users make bands invisible.

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Opened on:Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - 15:01
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Let users make bands be invisible.
Then they won't obstruct the view and you can see if they are doing what you want without having to remove them all.

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Jeff, I could agree with this, assuming there was some kind of visual cue that allowed one to know right off the bat, without hitting ACTIONS( verifying status of REMOVE BANDS ). Pretty much everything is invisible to me anyway, but bands ( visible or invisible ) could severely impact the rest of the processing a person might intend to do with his puzzle. I, for one, don't usually spend much time actually looking at the puzzle/structure and cystines for example are virtually invisible to me anyway so I would emphatically request some sort of cue without extra button pushing so one can realize that bands ( or for that matter any other additional techniques ) are in effect.

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There could be options under "View" like "Show Bands", "Hide Bands", "Translucent Bands", etc. with check boxes. There could be a button under "Actions" called "Hide Bands" or "Show Bands" next to the buttons "Remove Bands" and "Disable Bands". There could be new LUA commands like band.Hide, band.Show, band.HideAll, and band.ShowAll. Any of these things would be helpful, in my opinion.

Try my makehelix recipe (http://fold.it/portal/recipe/42111) to see an instance where I think it would help to be able to hide bands.

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Or add "bands transparency" button?
Also enable/disable possibility to "catch" band by mouse pointer (especially when invisible).

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Personaly don't see a need for this, even more visual clutter and if I am actually looking at the protein and doing manual work I want to see the bands. Until it gets a lot more votes should probably not be a priority 3.


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