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After a while of working with a large protein and using cutpoints to individually work with all the pieces, it seems to me that after all that work, its really a pain to go and keep moving around the protein to try to find and click every single one to close it.

I think it would be a very useful tool or option to just have a button to click that closes all available(yellow) cutpoints at the same time. so you don't have to find and close up to 20 cutpoints and keep trying to find them. i think this should be up in the score box where it has how many cutpoints you have, maybe a little button next to it saying close available cutpoints?

It also seems that there should be a way to create multiple cutpoints at once, for example if you know where you want to make cutpoints it would be very convenient if you could just select the areas where you want to make the cutpoints and then click a button and make all the cutpoints at once instead of individually.

*edited* it would also be nice to be able to manipulate cutpoints from the lua environment. I believe you can get more accomplished with that feature enabled. the featues would probably include which 2 segments you would like to make the cutpoint between and then additionally closing a cutpoint that is yellow.

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Change view

to "relative score" and your cut ends will show in red :)
Easier to find.

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I use relative view often,

I use relative view often, and I've never seen them turn red. is it only when they're close together or far away and not closeable?

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When far away

When close and ready to close they ale mostly not very bad.

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...because I desperately want this, and I feel more recipes could be made that use cut. Maybe I'll make them hmm.


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