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I was wondering why no one shares scores.
I am planing to start my own group with
sharing scores as a requirement.
A group working as a true group.

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In what way?

Most groups participate in Evolver puzzles. Puzzles/scores are shared in that way. Solo puzzles are mostly done on your own, even if you are in a group. You might want to elaborate a bit more to get better feedback.

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soloist novices versus groups

I find it discouraging to participate even in solo puzzles. My score is always way below those who belong to groups, even though they are not solving as a group. Obviously I lack their skills and knowledge too. Any chance we could provide some rankings for those of us who stumbled into Fold-it and don't have either the background or groups? It might feel more rewarding
I would be willing to share.....

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You might benefit looking at

You might benefit looking at the Wiki: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Foldit_Wiki

There's a bunch of stuff there that may help you.

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Joining group and sharing

This is my 6th week of folding. I started by watching the excellent Black Belt Folding on You Tube and any other info from Wiki and other You Tube presentations. I 'had a go' on the solo puzzles then applied to a group and was accepted straight away. I didn't make a nuisance of myself but watched the live group chat and only asked relevant questions. The group has been great recommending recipes to try etc. I am still not good at evolving yet but am enjoying every moment of folding. Good luck don't give in...


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