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When using a number of tracks it is sometimes difficult to remember the top score of each track.
Would it be possible to display in the track window at th right of each line the top score of that

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yes please this would be very helpful especially after returning to a puzzle after a few days, and several starts. (Not all of us can run multiple clients constantly :))

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I would like to add to your suggestion this suggestion: that we can see the name of the track we are working on. Perhaps display it up top, just below the name of the puzzle, or somewhere near the current score.

It happens that the score for one track may exceed the score for a track that started with a lower score. So going just by score isn't helpful.

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On my pc, track name appears on the foldit bar above the foldit window after the puzzle number and after the puzzle name
What i am suggesting is having the maximum score of each track in the tracks window.
The current score of the current track appears in the normal foldit window.

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In addition to the proposed modification,we should also have the following:
When clicking on the track button,ALL tracks should be displayed .
This is not the case today .Sometimes,even if three or four tracks have been opened,
the track window shows only one or two.


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