Has anyone found use for the new checkbox in the behavior tab?

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When you use wiggle with the checkbox out you will destroy the backbone.
I have found no useful purpose for this checkbox.

Has anyone else found use for disabling it?

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if you have cutpoints open and uncheck the box, you can work with the protein without destroying your protein.

but remember to check the box again, after all the cutpoints are closed. I think the wiggle does not work properly if all cutpoints are closed and the box is unchecked.

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let the checkbox unchecked remains in some really strange behaviour at some points.
I just had a nudging script running with the checkbox DISABLED. At a point of changing the cl to something big (1.) from 0.1 there were 3 Segments at the Protein which were completly "destroyed". the backbone score was at ~-150000 local wiggle couldn't helpt there either and a normal wiggle with the checkbox on will explode the protein. I dunno if there are also other features are changed with this checkbox... this should be cleared for testing things out...

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