WiggleSelected on 628 OBSERVATION

Case number:699969-993511
Opened by:Hanto_FZ140E_4G
Opened on:Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 14:43
Last modified:Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 19:43

Updated all clients last night approx 10 hours ago and restarted all 628 clients. It was apparent fairly rapidly that at least some of the clients were processing instructions properly as my scores took off pretty much like a rocket compared to the previous day of being completely stuck on all clients(628)on the WiggleSelected instruction. I left it at that scenerio overnight, got up this morning and found at least three of the 8 involved clients stuck on WiggleSelected at what appears to be the first use of the instruction in the recipe. The other 4-5 clients were processing the instruction in what appeared to be a normal manner.
I re-verified that all folder/clients had been updated, restarted all affected clients plus updated lower-scoring clients with the present highest score.

Presently with only 10 minutes since restarting, or loading highest scores, 628 clients appear to be functioning in a normal manner for the time being.

I should add that last night before retiring, I had ( post-update ) restarted every 628 client at least two or three times as my scores increased and did not at that time late hour notice any real indication that WiggleSelected was still becoming stuck, but after these last 8 hours, I would have to believe that just possibly an issue may still exist, at least in 628.

Would suggest a TYPE of feedback called Observation to go along with Suggestion. Just a thought.

I have yet to see an issue with 629 along the same vein as the problem with 628, so I am wondering if this problem might be more of a puzzle specific issue rather then a Devprev issue. Again, just a thought.

Nuff said

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Started noticing same issues regarding WiggleSelected on 629 about 90 minutes ago, have since reloaded all but one of those clients ( all folder/clients previously updated with latest devprev approx 18 hours ago, however I had not previously felt the need to reload the 629 clients, but now I have ). So definitely not a puzzle specific problem.


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