devprev still has serious issue

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Opened on:Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 03:34
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Wiggle still gets stuck in a single spot and the the recipe running becomes useless. Yes, I can now stop it without closing the client. That is a huge improvement, however, the core problem still exists. Wiggle gets stuck.

For example, I'm running Rav3n_pl Hydro PulleR v2 and it ran through the first 4 pulls in minutes, but, has been stuck in middle of 5th pull for quite awhile now on my evo 628. WiggleAll has been sitting there forever it seems.... NO movement anymore inside show output box. Just the circular movement around the top left stop sign. This is the primary problem with devprev. Wiggle gets stuck.

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I just checked another client running a multibander and it is also stuck on a wiggle rendering the script useless.

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Can you edit topic?

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devprev is for testing new version, not urgent to fix
use main to play

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Changing to main doesn't really solve this problem of wiggle stopping in devprev.

Recipes seem to stop at wiggle no matter which puzzle I'm working on.

Thankfully, I have two clients that haven't been updated. But, I will be redownloading main the first time I have a large block of time. Each client is in it's own folder and I'll have to download it multiple times and pass the all.macro around. Very time consuming.

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I didn't say it solve the problem, I said that the problem was not urgent.
Use tracks, Smilingone, there are made for this.
I have no recipes stopping either in devprev or in main

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I don't see how tracks would make any difference in this bug.

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It dont, just Smilingone cannot complain to have many folders if there is a solution to avoid to hav many folders.

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in devprev -win7 - selection - I am experiencing the same stopping with recipes as smilingone - it is not crashing now, which I thought was just my laptop giving up the ghost from overheating. Better since the latest update. Recipes start and run ok a for a while but then just stick.

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Recipes still get stuck when wiggling all, causing them to stop executing.

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We've just posted an update that should address this.

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thanks... ;)


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