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Hi there,

Protein folding is awesome, and making it a game is even better, amirite?
But what you might not know is that there is a similar project to map neurons with the help of citizen scientists like yourself.
Don't believe me, you can find out more by watching this video http://youtu.be/vv5_J8ImoDE.
It's called EyeWire and it's still very new and needs more players.
You can go play it at https://eyewire.org/.

Have a good day!


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Who is maintaining this

Who is maintaining this website? I can't find contact info.

Navigation is a nightmare. Javascript instead of links? Really? You can't scroll down on the front page. It's extremely heavy on client-side logic, large images and snazzy animations, which makes it unpleasantly slow. The not-actually-a-link to the About page is broken.

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I believe MIT runs it. Also,

I believe MIT runs it.

Also, theere are two others that are good:

eteRNA: Played to predict RNA sequencing. you must choose the correct bases to make pairs so the RNA will fold correctly. Top voted results in lab puzzles are synthesized. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. eteRNA.cmu.edu

phylo: played to predict DNA sequencing. Very differend interface from eteRNA. You don't even see a shape, just lines of collered blocks. All results of compleated levels are submitted.

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That is cool. EyeWire looks interesting, I'll find more about it later.

Run by MIT? Wow!

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Sure hope your eyes are super sharp...

For me, the graphics they present are not at all large enough for me! I don't like putting my face so close to the screen to try and tell if there is a boundary line or not...sorry MIT, but you lost me. Maybe next time :)

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I hate it. You have to do it with no idea if
you are doing anything right.
Meaning no indications whether you are on the right path.
Boring and lack of feedback during play.

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I just played it.


Right away I decided that FoldIt was more fun.

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apr 2013 form linux or linux wine error msg is WebGL is not enabled on your computer.

map neurons ... interesting idea

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Issue with eyewire

If you have any issues with eyewire you will want to post them on the eyewire forums, not here. We don't have an involvement in that project so we won't be able to help you with them.

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eyewire looks kinda weird

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eyewire == eyesTired

Enough said.


Developed by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Institute for Protein Design, Northeastern University, Vanderbilt University Meiler Lab, UC Davis
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