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This is a post to explore community support for a mobile game. If you have any comments ideas our suggestions please post them here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the foldit team or any of its supporters I would just like to see a foldit Mobile game

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A related Feedback

At http://fold.it/portal/node/990587#comment-16405 beta-helix said "the main roadblock with iPhones/iPad/iPod Touches is compiling Rosetta on those platforms. If anyone is able to get Rosetta compiled on any of those, then we can start thinking of getting Foldit working there as well."

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Can Google.org help?

This seems like a good fit for Google philanthropic arm to build a android version? What do you think?

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OnLive model

Onlive seem to be able to stream reasonably compute intensive games and even MS Office to iPads - distance from the streaming server is probably an issue. Just a thought :)

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Cure for HPV (warts)

over 80% of the world will have HPV by age 50.

We need to Fold.It to help find a cure

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Fold-it on Tablets

As a tablet user. Motorola X-board, I would love to have a version available to use on my tablet. I hope it becomes available as I seem to use my tablet for everything online but Fold-it.

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Mobile version would be nice

I would love to have a mobile version of foldit, I have much more time with my tablet than on my PC. I think a mobile version would also open up to a new audience of people.

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Mobile CPUs are 10 if not 100 times slower than even mediocre desktops. So it has to be some sort of remote solution, or a hybrid, where you do the manual manipulations on the mobile device but run the scripts on a desktop or sever.

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Mobile Version is actually better in some ways

If we can get FoldIt mobile, then a lot more people would be exposed to FoldIt... it'll be better... science would profit and benefit... that is, if we have more people playing FoldIt!

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It was posted many times...

there will be NO mobile version, unless s1 will compile Rosetta code to mobile diveces.
But looking how much resources Foldit need on desktop anything larger than 5 residues is totally unplayable on any current mobile device.

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RISC ARM32 code is actually

RISC ARM32 code is actually can do some stuff waay better than CISC Intel.
Almost every machine code has a branching flags, because of that code becomes shorter and somewhat faster.
But it must work in 32-bit mode and not in THUMB mode as many of benefits of 32-bits are removed from 16-bit to allow to have bigger density of the code.


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