deleting obsolete or faulty scripts

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I often share -ahem - faulty scripts, or would like to delete a an obsolete version. Don't know how you handle this now.

It would be good to be able to delete a script, only my own of course.

Thank you

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When you open up the editor for that specific script, look for where the button was you clicked to share the script. It should not say unshare. Click it, and it is off the site. Also, you can fix the mistake and just resave (not save as) and it will update. If you do this, please put a version number at the end (change in script options on the same window) so they aren't confused with older versions once they are downloaded.

Hope that helps!

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you may have to unload your script to make the button active

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Thank you for your response to my question about deleting old scripts I have shared.

I'm not sure what you mean by "unload" old scripts, though? From where?

Thanks for any clarification


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if they are not in your cookbook or if the unshare icon is not active, you may have to go to the site, find your old recipe and add it again to your cookbook.


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