memory leaks?

Case number:699969-993394
Opened by:BitSpawn
Opened on:Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 13:56
Last modified:Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 13:56

last devprev linux64
binary version: 099a1a5aae863dce1bc04aaef881f3e5
database version: f8e2849dd8fb7589266fa139195d64af
resources version: 243aa463aed684b613879cfc42ce1b56

Puzzle: ResidueIE filter test

hour    virtual mem      resource mem
Running GAB BiS
12:40   virtual: 1153m   resource: 789m
12:54   virtual: 1345m   resource: 925m
14:29   virtual: 1546m   resource: 1.1g

Closed, started and running a brute force mutate    
14:35   virtual: 1224m   resource: 779m
14:52   virtual: 1416m   resource: 926m
15:43   virtual: 1672m   resource  1.2g

where virtual includes memory for code, data and shared libraries plus pages that have been swapped out
and resource is the resident size: non-swapped physical memory.
After an hour it works very slowly.

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