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I would like to use Foldit as extra credit in my large (~1000 students) undergraduate biology course. The students will register, take the tutorials, and compete in one of the open contests. I will give extra credit to those students who achieve a score of greater than 10,000 (or something else that is reasonable). This worked reasonably well when I tried it in my Cell Biology course last year.

Is there a way I can bulk download the scores so I don't have to search for individual user names?

Thank you.

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a team is an answer

Ask your students to play under their real name or a code fined beore and to join a group you create to this purpose.

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Thank you. This is a great

Thank you. This is a great suggestion. Just what I was looking for.

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Thanks, the team suggestion is perfect.

Thank you for the help. This is just what I needed.

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A team would be ideal for your purposes

Another benefit is that they would have access to a private "group" chat room that is automatically set up by foldit when you register the group.


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