Lost autosaves, but recent best working

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Timo, don't know where your re-opened case is as I don't see it under dev-prev, but I am now having what appears to be a very similar issue since running 614 and now it has struck 618 also. Had to give up on 614 and because of the time already spent, it appears the same will happen to 618. This is not good folks. In my case I have all three autosaves, but the only one that works is the autosave-recentbest.ir_solution. Fairly certain this was the case for 614 also, but cannot absolutely confirm it. I'm using latest dev-prev as of this date/time and the same was true for 614. This is a puzzle-killer for me. Lost me 4 clients on 614 and now 8 clients on 618. 7 clients still running on 618, but their scores are not near what my lost client had which was 21702. This needs serious observation, as I cannot believe I am the only person suffering from it.
I will add tho, that on 614 and on 618, reloading a client on top of the crashed client did NOT allow resumption of processing from autosave-creditbest or autosave-best. Only the auto-recentbest seems to be working and I have to assume it is correct. Also noticing on 618 on the reloaded client with client IDLE, the date/time keeps updating while I am observing the folder through windows explorer, very odd behavior on an idle program I would think.
Used and Free space on partition is about normal with 2.7 gigs used and 7.7 gigs free, no readily apparent sign of a space eating bug, but something is definitely happening to my autosaves occasionally and apparently to my best scoring clients preferentially.
Log file attached but it must be remembered that both an active and a non-active client have been loaded post-crash from the same folder, however no processing was done on either client post crash. Since I cannot recover my ' best ' score, I will have to give up on this particular client at least for 618 as I had to do for 614 also.

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Hi Hanto. Running main, I have not seen any lost solution even with (still) crashes. So it must be a devprev problem. I will try running one devprev client with 618.

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When you say you have all three autosaves but only autosave-recentbest what do you mean? Do the files show up in the folder? Is there any error when you try to restore the saves in game? Are the buttons grayed out or are they clickable? If you can click them, does it do anything?

The current main/devprev versions are aligned right now. If there is a bug in one there is the same bug in the other. The 08/01 update to main brought it to the same version that devprev was earlier.

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Had a crash running 618-devprev but no lost of files or capability to restore.

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Hanto, my case is still open. But that happened in main, before the last update.
Now that the quicksaves are also there, it has become very unlikely that I will lose a high score as most scripts put the highest in a quicksave.
I will soon close my feedback about this. Having all the quicksaves available helps a lot.
(I can "only" run 3 clients on my biggest laptop, 1 on the other, with that much tracks as you have I could try a lot more)

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