Slow rebuilding on large puzzle 618

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Opened by:brow42
Opened on:Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 17:23
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I noticed that Lua RebuildSelected spends 20-25 seconds returning *after* accepting a pose. It spends a similar amount paused if you cancel, similar to canceling GUI Mutate Sidechains. This suggests a nasty nonlinearity in the algorithm, perhaps a lot of temporary tables? Actually picking the pose seems slower than usual, but not bad.


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Everything is slow on that puzzle, f i the move tool takes a few seconds to start.

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It may take 10-20 seconds to find a valid rebuild, one attempt per second, but then taking 20 seconds to return the result, after a pose has been found? It's spending more time just sitting there than it is rebuilding. I think there's room for improvement there.

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Yes, we'll look into it... Thanks.

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do you need to rebuild in these puzzle?


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