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I would like to see the recipes someone created at their profile page. If someone like a recipe of a player you can look there for other scripts from this player.

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You can search recipes by user name, try:

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ok yes this does his job but i got also all recipes with rav3n in name or description not just from the author...
would be anice feature i think because it is the work of the person :)

But maybe if we can search an author that will also do this...

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You can sort the recipes by author name, then page to that author's recipes. They will all be grouped together in the list. It may take several clicks to get there, however.

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So for me i cant find my own recipes with the search! If i search for "Darkknight900" i dont got any results neither public nor group page!

The sort thing is ok but i think also for the recipewriter it would be helpful to find his own recipe faster


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