Ability to fill out "Best For" for recipes

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There is a header under all scripts in the recipes section that says "Best For". Can we have the ability to fill this out? This might also be good if part of it had preset options where you can select, for example, startgame, middlegame, or endgame, by which you can view just the scripts that fit that category.

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Other factors could be used to sort by as well, like the type of puzzle (symetry, exploration, denovo, flu-like, design, casp, etc.)

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Well, you can always add a description on recipe page, sometimes scripts are working better in things that writer is not suspecting :)

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So deffinately make sure you can edit. :P

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Why is it displayed if it is always empty? Who can whrite something there?

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Thank you for reminding us again about this, I have added it to our list of things to implement.

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Bump again - either take it out or let the script writer use it for comment please.


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