Evo without gaining points using cut tool

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I used the cut tool on an evo puzzle, and "gained" points with the cut (not credited, since the cutpoint is open.) On cutting it, it said the solution was evolved but needed the cutpoint closed. Closed the cutpoint without doing anything and the solution counted as evolved while going exactly back to the score I started with (2 points under what should have been needed.) Maybe the solution should be evolved only when the credited score raises 2 points, not the redlined score?

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Personally, I think it's fine.

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Though we chatted about it some, I am still unsure what's wrong with this--unless it somehow goes against the rules or definition of the Evolver condition. Is the Evolver condition defined online anywhere for reference?

If we were to do the same thing under any other condition (solo, already evolved puzzle) the cut could possibly increase the current and/or best score by some amount and then redline the current score. Whether or not the increase can be recouped depends on the subsequent moves, but the current and/or best score could still be increased by the cut alone.

So it is okay to increase the current and/or best score this way except when the Evolver condition has not been met?

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Scores are not supposed to count unless all conditions are met. That's what makes this a bug.

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Yes, but you still have a higher score period.

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But chopping a protein into pieces isn't "evolving" it- the point is to improve the protein by a certain amount. You haven't improved it at all. When you open and then instantly close the cutpoints in fact you haven't changed it.

The redline thing is also a problem because now when you use the cut tool to move the protein around in the process of getting a solution, you can sometimes make a "high score" that is outrageously high for evo but not possible to get in nature (cut protein with the pieces magically floating next to each other). It will add 2 points to your redlined high score and make that the evo target. (sorry about the -1, I was trying to hit "reply")

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It is still inproed on though, and it is what you do while it is cut, and how you close the cut that makes the difference.

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You can still evo with cut-points.

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I just had this happen - I was still about 1.5 points away from evo, made a cut and gained 8.6 points over the number necessary for evo. So the client thinks I have evoed, but my score is redlined from the cut.

If all I do is close the cut, the scoreboard shows me as having evolved the protein, but my score has actually dropped, so I am ~1.75 points from the necessary evo score.

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This is really annoying.

Absolute best can be invalid because it has a cut point, while at the same time credit best can be invalid because it doesn't score high enough, recipes keep changing recent best, so I've got no way to track gradual advancement from the invalid credit best to a valid credit best that scores the required 2 points higher to evolve validly.

I've loaded a team members solution, added a cutpoint which happened to increase the score, closed the cutpoint again to restore the exact same previous score that my team member gained, and have been awarded evolving credit for that score.

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This also misleading for recipes including cut points. See examples here:

Recipes with cuts (like microidealize) do "recentbest.Restore" to select best solution and continue. It goes further from this "not credited" score. You can go overnight with that recipe, ending with nothing interesting.

If one try to replace recentbest.Restore by Creditebest.Restore in the recipe, the bug is over BUT it's impossible to use the recipe for evolving (creditebest being a slower former evolved solution).

Then you have to use other boring strategies for these recipes selecting best starts (areConditionmet, quicksave etc).

Conclusion: solutions exist from the player's side, but is would be good to fix this bug: being evolved only if all conditions are met.

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Newbie question, was just bit by this and just discovered the "cutpoint: not met" note, and believe it may have happened about 24 hours ago while running MicroIdealize. You'd mentioned "solutions exist from the player's side", what might such be please?



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Actually, I tried to solve this in scripts with following (also hand fold) strategy but I didn't succeed for sure:

do something rising (uncredited) score
recentbest.Save() -- here to avoid restoring a cut solution


see also the code of
Reset RC>

My problem is restoring the best (not yet evolved) solution. I never found a satisfactory solution. If anybody has an idea ...

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Limit the points counted to only when all conditions are met.


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