Windows - education / school -- mandatory user can't run Foldit

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Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory domain, school district network, with roaming profiles and other managed user accounts.

Foldit Problem:

FoldIt will not run on a Windows "mandatory user profile". This is a user profile that will be removed at logoff and is temporary in nature.

Microsoft documentation:

Creating a roaming or mandatory profile:


Foldit log:

args passed:
Can't open options file options.txt. (..\..\..\rosetta_source\src\interactive\application\
core.init: Mini-Rosetta version 49440M from
core.init: command: C:\Users\student\Documents\foldit\Foldit.exe -database cmp-database-f8e2849dd8fb7589266fa139195d64af/rosetta_database -resources cmp-resources-1b38a6973c80aef2c033b845c0465b0d/resources -interactive_game novice -boinc_url
core.init: FATAL: CryptAcquireContext unable to acquire cryptographic provider!
core.init: 80090024


Error code 80090024 research:

The CryptAcquireContext API always fails when logged on as the Guest
account and the GetLastError shows 0x80090024 which means
NTE_TEMPORARY_PROFILE (The profile for the user is a temporary profile).
You can reference Q265357 about this and I have included an excerpt
from the article:
This error also occurs if the user is a member of the Guests or Domain
Guests group, but this is by design. Certificates and the associated
private keys are
stored in a secured location in the user's profile. If the user is a member
of the Guests or Domain Guests groups, then the system marks the profile as
temporary which means it will be deleted when the user logs off. Windows
2000 will not allow you to save a private key to a temporary profile
because it will not persist from logon session to logon session.

Here is the link for Q265357:


I have no idea if this is fixable.

Does the user absolutely need a private encryption key to use FoldIt?

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looking into this

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Tested the fix on a guest account, looks like everything is working. This should go out in the next devprev.


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