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Hi Devs! :)

I was wondering... as Foldit has a strong "Team" component to it, would it be possible for you to add something like "You have New Mail" at Login?

It would make it much easier for the teams that rely on foldit-mail, to aprise others of uploaded scores as an example. It's a simple implementation, Foldit simply checks that user's mail at login, and alerts them if there is anything "new".

I know this seema trivial tweak, but it would REALY help to know at logon that you have new messages on your foldit page.

Thanks for the awesome work you all do...

Cheers! :)


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But you do.

In the upper right corner of your personal page, the "My Messages" tag will appear as "My Messages(X)", where X is the number of new, unread messages you have.

As far as a verbal announcement is concerned... emulating AOL might not project the appropriate message about who we are and what we do.

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GOD no! I meant at the login screen, a simple pop-up notification that lets you know you have mail. Often folks just start playing, they don't even check their page.

I'm just proposing that we steer players to their foldit page "IF" they have a message.

Nothing as garish as AOL... just something like the new puzzle reminders, and such that we sometimes get when we log on.

Cherrs, and thanks for the quick reply! :)


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I would further suggest that there be a notification within the Foldit GUI (Selection Interface or Original Interface) whenever a new e-mail arrives. It could be in the lower right corner of the interface near the Group Chat, Puzzle Chat, Global Chat, and Notifications icons. Perhaps it could briefly flash or make noise whenever a new e-mail arrives. It could also notify when people add comments to your Feedback cases.

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That would be major overkill.

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I don't think it would be major overkill. The Chat things already flash whenever someone posts. I would often rather know about incoming personal e-mails (private messages) than when someone posts something new to Chat. Do you read everything that appears in Global Chat? My guess is NO, but I bet you read all your e-mails.


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