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Opened on:Monday, July 16, 2012 - 15:11
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Yesterday: 7/15 early in the afternoon a bunch of my saved recipes vanished. Some were unedited versions, others were modified recipes. The same scripts for some are gone on the web site eg: "rav3ns repeat fuze". It seems to have broken most of my favorites scripts.

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Are they still gone for you? There were some network issues at UW at the end of the weekend, were they just temporarily not showing up?

On the website, I can find Rav3n`s repeat Fuze ( Is that the one you were looking for?

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Recipes are vanishing from site if author made change on it and not share it back.

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It doesn't have to be author. I've had some disappear that I shared after someone else made a change. I'm not a script writer, but, have put together some combos of ones I like to use and shared them.

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Is this happening all the time or just on some recipes? Do they stay gone until the author re-shares them?

I was trying to get this to happen with some recipes I created to test with but it wasn't happening in the simple case of one author and one person who has the shared recipe.

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Try this:
- make recipe
- save it (name and description)
- share it
It is on site.
- restart client
- edit recipe and save it (do not change name nor description, just something in code)
- restart client
It is gone from site.

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It's very important that anyone making a change also change the name with a "save as" or it disappears.

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Okay, I think I've figured out what's causing this. Working on a solution.

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In the next push of devprev you should get the fix to this.


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