More save slots directly available, quick load/save dialog

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At the moment we have only 3 of of 100 quick saves available by shortcut key.
Maybe add a dialog box than appear on ctrl+L and ctrl+S to load/save?
On load it should show only filled slots and score in slot, on save all slots and indication free/saved and score if saved.

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That could be something to add. I'll add it to my list. Is this just to go through the saves of scripts after they have run?

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For me this would be useful in multistart puzzles after the multistart run so I can save all the different worked on starts. (Now I do that by making a V1 script on the fly "quickload()" )
It would be more usefull if also these saves would exist after a change of track and going back.
That way I can save diffent starts in different tracks more easy, now I must save them by hand one by one in a file and create tracks from that.
Problem would maybe be a lot of active saves, but that could be solved by autocleaning all slots above 10 at the start of each script.

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There are a lot of commands that are only available via scripts. It's a general problem.
By the way, deleting all possible duplicate hotkeys would save place for more hotkeys.

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oops, it's a suggestion, not a bug


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