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when I start foldit standalone version 'start' button appears. After pressing it and selecting any pdb file I get following error


though name of proposed 'Job file' is not the name of chosen pdb file

what I'm doing wrong?

thanks in advance

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Maybe some

non-admin rights trouble?
Try run it as administrator and/or install anywhere not in "program files"

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Here's my wild guess...

For some reason, I couldn't reproduce the bug. However, a bit of trial and error suggests that the job PDB might be a temporary file that's generated from the original PDB. Have you tried deleting both the job PDB and the following files associated with it as well?

  • *.ir_job.puzzle_setup
  • autosave*.*
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>Try run it as administrator

>Try run it as administrator and/or install anywhere not in "program files"

thanks, it helped


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