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Opened on:Sunday, July 8, 2012 - 18:59
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I started a new group and have very few members. There is a reason to keep it closed at this time. However, it has been very difficult to add the few members I do have since we are all in different timezones. If the Add Member feature weren't disabled it really would help.

When I go to add a member it says FEATURE DISABLED. Please REABLE it. ;)

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If you want to invite players to your group, you can instead use the "Invite Players" link on the main group page.

We'll set it up so that "Add Members" redirects you to the "Invite Players" page.

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Please note the comments below -

Not only does "Add Member" no longer work, "Invite" has major issues, making it unusable. Please fix!

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Invite Players doesn't work either.

I just tested it out again this morning thinking that would give you guys time to correct the issues. The invite goes to whatever email address is associated to the players account. That may or may not be a throwaway address.

If the player recieves the invite there is a link directing them to the site for signup. Even if logged on at the time of clicking the link a player recieves a message along the lines of "you are not authorized to access this page."

I then changed the group from closed to invite and the player then hit the join button. But, the group never showed the request to join when I went to approve it. This feature seems to work 50% of the time based on my short experience with a new group.

I then had to open the group to simply allow the member to join.

The group is closed again for the moment. But, you really should fix the nonworking joining options.

Btw, another feature of the group invite that I don't like is my personal email address showing up in the header of the invite. That shouldn't show up even if it worked.

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"I then changed the group from closed to invite and the player then hit the join button."

This should have been "I then changed the group from closed to moderated and the player then hit the join button."

Which reminds me that we should have an edit option on the feedback.

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I had thought the "invite" feature completely broken since our group went to "invitation only" status many months ago (in response to the September influx) - since it did not generate a pm within the website.

While it's good to know that it kicks out an email to an address that is likely a person's junk email addy or a throwaway, the fact that the email has the group admin's real email info in the header is not acceptable, and neither is the fact that the system operates outside the foldit website by using emails at all.

Please fix either the "invite" system or the "add member" feature ASAP, as there should be no reason for an admin to have to change a group's status to have a new member join!

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And changing to Bug from Suggestion

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This definitely needs to be fixed. It's confusing and embarrassing to invite a new member to your group, only to have them respond that the link in the invitation email doesn't work properly, and then realize you don't know how to follow through on your own invitation. The only work-around I've heard is to change the group type temporarily every time you want to add a member. That's not a workable solution.

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It is just very annoying, and unless you are just inviting people you know, which is not often for many, your e-mail should deffinately not show up. As much as we want to believe we are one big happy family (as some of are, no doubt) this is a pretty big breech in privacy for the "invitator". Either they have to make a "fake" e-mail account for this, or more likely, it should be sent by a foldit server or account, possibly with the name of the foldit user.

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Now that CASP is over, I am hoping that some of the worst bugs - like this - can have some priority. Bumping.

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this should be at the top of the priority queue!

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Has this been fixed yet? I have a new member to add and would like to try it out.

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Seth hopes to have the problem fixed this coming week.
We really apologize for how long this is taking...

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The 'Invite Members' functionality should work much better now. The message sent will have a working link to join the group, and it will be sent as a PM the invitee's Foldit rather than an email.

The 'Add Members' functionality is still removed.


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