Latest devprev release removed new (V1 script) button intentionally?

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Same in both windows and linux. Not sure if this was intentional as I didn't see it mentioned in the release notes.

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Yep, cant make v1 scripts in dev.

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I'll look into it

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Looks like this was intentional. You can still run and edit but not create them from scratch.

I believe the intent is to encourage people to create V2 scripts from now on. Let us know if you have any more questions about this.

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Thanks for the quick response. I don't have any questions, just some comments:

I can certainly understand the desire to *encourage* development of new scripts only in V2. I myself have no interest in developing new V1 scripts. However, in practice I paste in new V1 scripts quite often for the following reasons:

1. The only method I know of to get new scripts from the website is to load through the chat client. I typically have several clients running, and the one I want a script for may not be the chat client. I realize there are ways to work-around this, but I don't find any of them very convenient.

2. On many occasions, I've had scripts disappear from my database. I've seen others refer to this same problem (not sure if there's a bug on it). This makes the issue with #1 more of an issue. Because of these issues, I typically just keep my scripts in emacs and paste them into the client as needed.

3. I often do minor edits to scripts but the editor in the client is quite limited, so I cut-and-paste the script to emacs, do my edits, and then cut-and-paste back (or just edit my copy already in emacs). It's more convenient to just paste in the entire new script to an empty window, which I used to be able to get with the button. As far as I can tell, there's no quick way to delete the entire script buffer in the client, but maybe I'm just not aware of it.

Of course, I can switch to main (although presumably this will make its way there) or simply empty a V1 script of text once, save it, and use that as a paste buffer (maybe it needs to be non-empty, but at least something quick to delete). It's easy enough to get around the lack of a button, and that's likely what I will end up doing. Of course, someone could write new scripts in V1 and do the same, so I'm not sure that removing the button really changes things. You'd really need to not allow running V1 scripts, and that's obviously problematic.

That's fine if you decide to keep it removed. I realize you have no easy way to force people to move to V2 and am just explaining why taking away the V1 button is an inconvenience for me, despite the fact that I don't intend to develop any V1 scripts.

I'm not sure if it's practical, but one possible solution to ease the transition to V2 would be to write a script that converts V1 to V2. I'm sure that's been considered, but of course there are never enough resources and things are always harder than you'd think. Just throwing it out there.

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V1 to v2 converted already done, search forum :)
Also made v1 in v2 script library, search in recipes :)

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Well.... kill GUI too? ;]

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I think an even better solution would be an interface that converts the commands entered via GUI mode to V2 code. This would make scripting much easier for non-programmers.

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I find transitioning to v2 difficult. I write in v1 then translate line-by-line into v2 after I get a concept vetted and if (and only if) I want to use a new v2 feature. I believe v1 is friendlier, as it more closely mimics English, which might be important to new scripters as well. One mustn't discourage new scripters.

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