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Would it be possible to add an option as to change where screenshots are saved? I don't like having them pop up on my desktop. I'd rather have them stuffed in a folder somewhere.

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I'll do something about it.

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Ah - just a bit of clarification - by screen shots I assume you mean shot from the chat camera - in that case I like to be able to click and look - I seem to be able to do this in Firefox and have given up trying on the latest versions of IE. If I want to reference the shot again I just bookmark it or rightclick and save the image. The images are downloaded to my computer of course but I don't have to think about finding them.

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That is correct spmm. I don't mind the fact that they're downloaded to my computer. I'd just like the option of choosing where they go.

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Forgot to update this. I've added this functionality and it should be in the main update branch. Look in your options.txt file for "gui/image_dir" and you can change it.


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